Discontinuation of cloud plan

For two years we’ve helped users real-time enabling their sites with
push messages. During this time, tons of messages have been delivered and overall feedback has nothing but positive. While we are very humbled and thankful for this interest in our cloud service we have come to a crossroad.

We have made the decision to discontinue the cloud hosted Beaconpush service in order to focus on the On-Site hosted Beaconpush product. This decision is in line with the increased demand and changed customer profile we’ve seen during the past 6 months.

All existing customers are offered a migration path to the On-Site product for continued service. Please visit beaconpush.com to read more about the benefits. Existing cloud customers are offered a discounted On-Site version when migrating. 

Migration schedule

Disabling of Cloud plan upgrade - March 1st 2012
Existing Cloud plan customers may continue to use the cloud hosted Beaconpush service as before. New and existing customers may no longer upgrade their accounts to the Cloud plan.

Shutdown of service - September 1st 2012

All customers have migrated from the cloud service to the On-site product. Developer and Cloud plans are discontinued at 00:00 UTC.

Does this concern me?

If you are on the Cloud plan and would like to continue using Beaconpush after September 1st 2012 you will need to migrate. If not, your plan will simply be terminated and you will not be charged any more.

How do I migrate?
Please visit the On-Site page and sign-up. We’ll get back to you with pricing and instructions how to migrate. On-Site’s REST API is identical with that of the cloud service for easy and smooth migration. If you have any questions about this don’t hesitate to contact me.

If you have further questions regarding this change, send a mail to support@beaconpush.com.

  • February, 2012

What is Beaconpush?

Beaconpush is a service for serving push messages to web browsers. It's available as a cloud service and as an on-site version.

Enables you to seamlessly embed WebSockets support on your site without dealing with browser compatibility or scaling issues.

Visit beaconpush.com

We create Beaconpush

Behind the service stands a team of 20 creative people, dedicated to making the web more interactive - in real-time.

The company, ESN Social Software, have been making cutting-edge sites for the last 7 years and since 2009, we've made our in-house technology available to third-party developers.

Visit ESN.me for more info.

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